How to apply for and book interpreter service for travel abroad

  1. Complete and print out the form Vammaisen henkilön tulkkauspalvelu ulkomaanmatkalle, pdf in Finnish (TU 3).
  2. If your travel abroad lasts for more than 2 weeks, enclose the following with your application:
    • information about why you need interpretation for more than 2 weeks (e.g. a seminar programme or study plan).
  3. Send the application along with all necessary supporting documents by post to Kela. You can also use the message function in Kela's online customer service system to send the supporting documents.

State all the information needed

Interpreter service can only be arranged if you know that you will need interpreter service beforehand. This also applies to interpreter service for travel abroad. On the basis of the information you give, the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled assesses the best way of arranging the service.

On the same form you can state all the information needed for your booking:

  • how long the trip is
  • for which purpose you need interpreter service
  • how many hours you need.

Kela needs this information in order to be able to grant and arrange the service for you. If relevant information is missing, this may delay the processing of your application.

The decision tells you how the service is arranged

Once your application has been processed you will receive a decision from Kela stating your right to interpreter service for travel abroad. The decision also states how the interpreter service is arranged and who will interpret for you during the trip.

If your trip changes, inform Kela about the changes as soon as possible. Changes may affect your possibility to get an interpreter or the costs of the trip.

Describe your need for interpreter service

Remember to describe as accurately as possible for which communications situations you need the interpreter service. Also estimate for how long you need interpretation. Once you have planned the details of your trip, you can send detailed information about your need for interpretation to Kela. Do this at least one week before departure. The interpreter also needs information about the booking and the duration of the interpretation beforehand in order to be able to prepare for the task.

If you use the interpreter service abroad this will diminish the hours granted to you.

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