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How to apply for the right to interpreter service and book an interpreter for travel abroad

  1. If your trip abroad lasts more than two weeks, enclose a seminar programme, study plan or other document showing why you need interpretation for more than two weeks.
  2. Send your application online:
    • Save the completed claim form on your device. Note that the claim must be in PDF format.
    • Log in to OmaKela. Select Tee hakemus.
    • Select Vammaisten tulkkauspalvelu and choose the benefit you are applying for.
    • Select the claim on your device and press Lähetä.
    • When you send your claim online you don’t need to sign it.
    • If you have supporting documents, send them via OmaKela after you have submitted your claim. If they are paper documents, you can photograph or scan them.
  3. You can also send the application and supporting documents by mail to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.

Provide all relevant information

Getting interpreter service during travel abroad requires that you know beforehand what kind of service you are going to need. The Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled will arrange interpretation based on the information you provide.

You can use the same application form to provide the following necessary information:

  • duration of your trip and your departure and arrival dates
  • start and end times for interpretation
  • detailed information about your trip, such as flight details
  • the situations in which you will need interpretation (for example your travel itinerary)
  • the number of hours of interpretation you will need on your trip
  • your preferred interpreter.

Kela needs the above information in order to grant and arrange interpretation for you. Your application may take longer to review if it is missing relevant information.

You will receive a decision letter explaining how the service will be arranged

Once your application has been reviewed, Kela will send you a decision on your right to interpreter service during travel abroad. The decision will also describe how the service will be arranged.

Kela will tell you who your interpreter will be.

Tell the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled as soon as possible if your travel plans change. This may affect the availability of interpreters or the travel costs.

Describe your need for interpretation in as much detail as possible

Describe as precisely as possible the situations in which you will need interpretation. Also provide an estimate of how long the interpretation will last. You can describe your need of interpretation in greater detail as your travel plans solidify. However, you must indicate that you will need interpretation no later than one week before your departure. Your interpreter will also need to have advance information about the assignment and how long it will last in order to prepare for the trip.

Using interpreter service during foreign travel counts against the number of hours of interpretation available to you.

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