Reimbursement directly at the pharmacy

You are usually reimbursed for your medicine purchases directly at the pharmacy once you have met the initial deductible. The pharmacy deducts the reimbursement from the price of the medicine and you pay the rest.

Every time you buy a medicine the pharmacy checks your entitlement to reimbursements with Kela.

Pharmacies have access to your reimbursement entitlement status and your progress towards reaching the annual maximum on medicine expenses. The pharmacy also has up-to-date information about your progress towards meeting the initial deductible.

The following personal information is available to pharmacies:

  • your family name and given names
  • the name and number of your workplace sickness fund (if you belong to one)
  • your entitlement to direct reimbursements
  • how much you still have to pay until you meet the initial deductible
  • your reimbursement entitlements and their end date (if any)
  • whether you are entitled to an additional reimbursement after reaching the annual maximum on out-of-pocket medicine expenses.

Consent to check direct reimbursement details

Pharmacies need your consent to check your direct reimbursement details.

You can give your consent

  • by presenting your personal Kela card
  • by presenting your European Health Insurance Card
  • by presenting a document titled "Certificate of entitlement to medical care in Finland" issued by Kela, or
  • verbally (be prepared to prove your identity).

You can deny access to the information

You can deny the pharmacy the right to check your information from Kela's system. In that case you will have to claim reimbursement from Kela.

If you prefer that the pharmacy should not be informed about a certain reimbursement entitlement granted to you, call Kela's telephone assistance number. For example, if the pharmacy is not informed about your entitlement to a special rate of reimbursement, you can only be reimbursed at the basic rate at the pharmacy, and can claim the special rate of reimbursement from Kela.

Acting on behalf of another person

If someone else visits the pharmacy on your behalf and you would like to be reimbursed directly at the pharmacy, give that person

  • your personal Kela card
  • your European Health Insurance Card
  • a document titled "Certificate of entitlement to medical care in Finland" issued by Kela, or
  • an authorisation to check your personal information, which you can write in your own words.

If you act on behalf of a minor child, you can give permission to access the child's personal information.

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