Technical support

Our e-service works best with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you wish to use another browser (such as Google Chrome), please make sure that the autofill function is turned off.

A set of online instructions are available to guide you through the service.

Technical problems with the e-service

If you encounter problems, please make sure

  • to navigate by clicking the links on the left or, in certain situations, the buttons that show up on the screen. Avoid using the browser’s back and forward buttons.
  • to print in landscape orientation so that all text fits on the page.
  • to use the following settings:
  1. JavaScript is enabled
  2. SSL encryption is supported by your browser
  3. Cookies are enabled

If you have technical problems that you are unable to solve, contact our technical support. Technical support can be reached at 020 634 7787on working days between 07:00 and 17:00, and as regards error reports at all hours. E-mail can be sent to Please note that the technical support does not provide assistance with how to use the service or with any questions relating to public procurement or specific benefits.

Call our customer service numbers for help with how to use the service and for information about specific benefits.

The e-service is down for maintenance between 02:00 and 04:00 every Sunday, during which time all services are inaccessible.

Please note that Kela is not responsible for the availability, functioning or performance of network connections. There may be unscheduled breaks in the service.