Kela provides access to various types of individually designed therapies for intensive medical rehabilitation clients. You may be eligible for them if you have a diagnosed illness or impairment that significantly limits your functioning and complicates your daily life.

Based on your rehabilitation plan, Kela grants access to therapy usually for one year at a time. The maximum is three years at a time. The therapy can be individual or group based.

Kela provides access to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, neuropsychological rehabilitation, multiform group therapy, open-care rehabilitation and psychotherapy, which can also be in the form of family therapy.

Therapy at home, school or the day care centre

The therapy can be provided in your daily environment such as home, school or day care centre. Your family member or other person close to you usually can be given guidance in connection with your therapy visits.

Different therapies can be split into shorter periods and combined as necessary. You can also take a break from therapy and resume it later. During individual therapy, you can try out a form of physical exercise or a hobby that supports your rehabilitation process.

How to select a therapy provider

Select a service provider before submitting an application for rehabilitation. You can choose among service providers that have a contract with Kela. When choosing a service provider, please keep in mind that the rehabilitation you choose must be designed to be effectual and that the travel costs arising from the therapy must be reasonable and essential to the rehabilitation. Contact the service provider of your choice and make sure that the provider can start the therapy.

Contracts with service providers have been made at the insurance district level. In its tender document, each service provider lists the municipalities in which it offers Kela-supported therapy.

The basic rule is that you should choose a service provider that has indicated that it provides services in your municipality.

If your rehabilitation will take place at the service provider’s facilities, try to select a provider that has a contract to provide services in your municipality. To look up service providers, use the service provider search function.


You live in Vantaa. The service provider has facilities in Helsinki and has indicated in its tender document that it can also offer services in Vantaa.  You can select this service provider, and visit its facilities in Helsinki to receive therapy.