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Intensive medical rehabilitation

The purpose of intensive medical rehabilitation is to help you continue working despite an illness or impairment or to improve your ability to manage daily activities.

You may be entitled to intensive medical rehabilitation if

  • you are under 65 years of age
  • you have a diagnosed illness or impairment that causes you significant difficulty with managing and participating in daily activities
  • you need rehabilitation for at least a year
  • the rehabilitation is not directly linked to medical care
  • the goals of the rehabilitation are not related to treatment but rather to helping you manage and participate in various activities.

A rehabilitation plan is needed

Intensive medical rehabilitation requires a rehabilitation plan which is drawn up by your primary care doctor. Talk to your doctor about the wishes and objectives you have for rehabilitation and how they could be integrated into your daily activities.

You get to choose the rehabilitation service provider yourself. The service provider must have an existing agreement with Kela. Use the service provider search function to look up a suitable service provider.

If you are in long-term care in a public institution, you cannot get intensive medical rehabilitation through Kela.

Depending on your circumstances, you can get rehabilitation in the form of

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Last modified 24/4/2024