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Frequently asked questions about financial aid when studying abroad

Payment of financial aid may have been stopped because you have not submitted a certificate of attendance and/or a transcript of records. You must submit a certificate of attendance to Kela at the beginning of each academic year. A transcript of records must be submitted in October-November of every year. When you provide these two documents, payment of financial aid to you can be resumed as long as you still meet the qualifying conditions.

You can apply for financial aid once you have a certificate of admission from your school. Applications for financial aid for a period of study abroad can be submitted conveniently through Kela's e-service (in Finnish and Swedish only). Log in using your bank ID or a mobile ID. Alternatively you can submit an application for financial aid for those completing a degree abroad OT 3e (PDF).

You need not be covered under the Finnish social security system to get financial aid during your course of study.

Yes, they can, but a power of attorney or authorisation is required.

If you are under 18 years of age, you can either apply for financial aid yourself or your legal guardian can do it on your behalf. You can also complete and sign the application together. However, your legal guardian cannot file an online application through Kela’s e-service on your behalf.

Financial aid payments are deposited to your account on the 1st of the month or the immediately following business day. Retroactive payments are made daily.

Financial aid can be paid to an account that you have with a foreign bank. However, you will have to cover the cost of transferring the funds.

Information about grants and scholarships is available at (in Finnish). You may also wish to ask your school.

No assistance is available specifically to cover tuition and travel costs.

Your academic progress is regarded as satisfactory if your period of full-time study does not substantially exceed the standard study time for your course of study.

You can get financial aid for periods of on-the-job training and study exchange that count towards your degree. You can report the on-the-job training or the study exchange in OmaKela or on the form for notification of changes, OT15e (PDF). Enclose a certificate of on-the-job-training or exchange studies. No certificate is needed if the period of study is a part of studies you are completing at a Finnish institute of higher education.