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Multidisciplinary individual rehabilitation

You may be entitled to multidisciplinary individual rehabilitation provided by Kela, if you are suffering from an illness with a broad range of symptoms that cause you a variety of disabling problems. The illness may also require a more individual planning of the rehabilitation process and its delivery.

The aim of multidisciplinary individual rehabilitation is to improve or maintain the client’s ability to cope with everyday tasks and to work and study. The rehabilitation comprises both individual and group-based programmes.


For children and young persons

  • individual rehabilitation for neurological diseases and general illnesses
  • Individual rehabilitation for sensory impairments (hearing and visual impairments).

For adults 

  • Individual rehabilitation for inflammatory, rheumatic, and general illnesses
  •  Individual rehabilitation for neurological diseases
  • Individual rehabilitation for sensory impairments (hearing, visual, and dual sensory impairments).

Delivery of rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation is organised at a rehabilitation institution where you can stay overnight. The content of the rehabilitation period depends on your personal needs and goals. The delivery of the rehabilitation is the responsibility of a multidisciplinary team of professionals comprising among others a specialist physician, a nurse, a physical therapist, a psychologist or neuropsychologist and a social worker.

A close relative or the family members of a child or an adolescent may also attend the rehabilitation sessions. In the case of children and adolescents, other members of the client’s family usually attend all rehabilitation sessions. In the case of adults, only one family member or one close relative may attend rehabilitation sessions part of the time.

Duration of rehabilitation

The duration of the rehabilitation process is a maximum of 15 days. At the beginning of rehabilitation multidisciplinary team will, together with you, define a set of personal goals for you and put together an individual programme.

The rehabilitation services are provided free of charge. You may also be entitled to a rehabilitation allowance for the duration of the rehabilitation. Kela also offers compensation for rehabilitation-related travel costs.

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Last modified 5/3/2024