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Rehabilitation allowance

The purpose of the rehabilitation allowance is to provide economic security during rehabilitation.

You can qualify for a rehabilitation allowance if you are between 16 and 67 and participate in rehabilitation. After completion of a waiting period, you can receive rehabilitation allowance payments for days in which you participate in a rehabilitation measure that lasts at least four hours (including travel time) or otherwise prevents you from working and earning a living.  A partial rehabilitation allowance may be available if your daily working hours have been reduced by 40% or more on account of participation in rehabilitation.

You will usually be paid either a salary or a rehabilitation allowance during participation in rehabilitation. If you are paid a salary, Kela will pay your rehabilitation allowance to your employer. If the allowance is higher than your salary, you get the difference. If you are not employed or are not paid a salary, Kela will pay the rehabilitation allowance to you.

Types of rehabilitation

You can be paid a rehabilitation allowance during participation in rehabilitation services arranged by Kela, an occupational health provider or your wellbeing county.

Persons under 20 can also be paid a rehabilitation allowance for young persons during intensified rehabilitation.

You can also get the rehabilitation allowance while you attend adaptation training, a rehabilitation course or family rehabilitation where the client is  a person who is close to you.

Kela can pay you the allowance for periods in which

  • you are waiting for long-term rehabilitation to begin
  • your rehabilitation is interrupted for a short period of time by illness or other reason

Coordination with other benefits

Rehabilitation allowance is not available if you receive

  • an old-age pension
  • a full compensation for loss of income paid under a motor insurance, compulsory workers’ compensation insurance, or military accidents or injuries scheme.

Other benefits may affect the amount of the rehabilitation allowance.

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Last modified 16/2/2024