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When a self-employed person gets ill

Self-employed persons are entitled to sickness allowance and partial sickness allowance provided by Kela. In case of prolonged illness, possible benefits include rehabilitation subsidy or disability pension.

The amount of the allowance is based on the annual income, which for self-employed persons is the reported income under the YEL or MYEL pension insurance schemes.

If you get ill

  1. Read first how and for which period you can get sickness allowance. Read also about a waiting period.
  2. The amount of the allowance is based on an annual income. You can estimate the amount of the allowance using an online benefit calculator (in Finnish).

Return to work

  1. If you are able to work part-time despite the illness, you may be granted partial sickness allowance. The amount of the partial sickness allowance is half that of the sickness allowance.
  2. You can support your work capacity by arranging occupational health services for yourself or by participating in rehabilitation arranged by Kela or by the pension provider.

Prolonged illness

  1. Sickness allowance is usually payable for a maximum of 300 working days (about a year). After that, sickness allowance is normally not paid for the same illness until you have been fit for work for a year.
  2. If the illness continues and you cannot work, you may be granted rehabilitation subsidy or disability pension. 

All benefits provided by Kela in the event of illness are described in the section about Sickness.

Last modified 9/10/2023

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