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Support for the work capacity of self-employed persons

You can maintain your work capacity by arranging occupational health services for yourself and get reimbursements for the related costs from Kela. You may also be eligible for rehabilitation arranged by the authorised pension provider or by Kela. You can get rehabilitation allowance for the period of rehabilitation. The easiest way to apply for benefits for yourself is to use the OmaKela e-service (available in Finnish and Swedish).

The amount of the rehabilitation allowance provided by Kela is based on the annual income, which for self-employed persons is the reported income under the YEL or MYEL pension insurance schemes.

When you arrange occupational health services

  1. Occupational health services help you maintain your work and functional capacity. You can choose to arrange preventive occupational healthcare for yourself and, as part of this, also general practitioner level medical care.  Read more about the arranging of occupational health services for self-employed persons and related reimbursements.
  2. Kela reimburses the costs for occupational health services for self-employed persons to a maximum of 50% or 60%. The size of the reimbursement depends on which services are included in the agreement on occupational healthcare.

Apply for vocational rehabilitation from the pension provider

  1. The authorised pension providers arrange vocational rehabilitation ( that is suitable also for self-employed persons.
  2. Check the alternatives for vocational rehabilitation provided by your pension provider. To apply for rehabilitation, you need a medical statement and a rehabilitation plan.

If you have an illness or a disability

  1. You may apply for rehabilitation arranged by Kela. Rehabilitation is arranged in the form of courses or as individual rehabilitation. Check which rehabilitation courses may be possible in your situation. For instance the following alternatives may also suit self-employed persons:
    • Vocational Kiila rehabilitation is suitable for self-employed persons who need support to maintain their work capacity and stay on in working life but for whom rehabilitation arranged by the pension provider is not possible.
    • Start-up grant for self-employment is suitable for self-employed persons and helps entrepreneurs and self-employed persons find employment despite illness or disability.
    • Multidisciplinary individual rehabilitation is suitable for self-employed persons whose illness has a broad range of symptoms and entails many different problems.
  2. Discuss the rehabilitation alternatives suitable for your state of health with a healthcare professional. To apply for rehabilitation, you need a medical statement.
  3. Kela can provide financial support during rehabilitation. Read instructions for how to apply for rehabilitation allowance and about the amount of the allowance.

Do you still have questions?

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