Book an appointment

You can book an appointment with Kela’s phone service online or by calling our phone service.

How to book a phone appointment online

  1. Log in to the online booking system.
  2. Select a reason for the appointment.
  3. Select a convenient time.
  4. Confirm the appointment.
  5. Log out when you are finished.

You can also check, change or cancel your appointment online.

Our customer service specialist will call you at the agreed time from one of two numbers: 020 692 219 or 020 634 1611. Make sure that you have at hand all documents that might help to speed up your service. You may need for example a salary statement or medical certificate.

If you cannot book an appointment online, please call our phone service or visit a customer service point. Kela’s partner organisations, such as the municipal social services, can also book an appointment for you.

FAQ about appointments

Watch a video about how to book an appointment


NB! In the new online booking system customers with a non-disclosure order can book appointments.

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