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Digital support services available from Kela

If you need help managing your Kela-related affairs online, you can access Kela’s digital support services, designed for all who prefer to deal with Kela independently. Digital support is available even if you have previously not handled your affairs online.

Digital support can help you

•    fill in a benefit application or claim online
•    send a supporting document from your computer or phone
•    use the OmaKela e-service to review decisions on your applications
•    look up information on Kela’s website
•    use benefit calculators

Digital support is available by phone and at customer service points

We offer digital support both by phone and locally at our customer service points.

For support over the phone, call our customer service or make a phone appointment. Phone-based digital support requires you to have a device with online access.

Digital support is also available at our customer service points

Kela is a member of digital support networks

Digital support is a well-established part of our customer service. As an active member of digital support networks, we talk about our e-service options at various events and help digital support staff describe our services better to the general public.

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