Child home care allowance

You can be paid child home care allowance if you have a child under 3 years of age who does not attend municipal early childhood education. The earliest you can get the allowance is after the payment of your parental allowance has ended.

If your family received parental allowance payments under the old law (estimated due date before 4 September 2022), you can take a care leave and receive child home care allowance after payment of the parental allowance has ended.

If your child’s due date is on or after 4 September 2022 and parental allowance is paid for the child under the provisions introduced in the family leave reform, you can take a care leave starting 160 working days after the child was born. The child will then be about 6 months old. During the care leave, you can get child home care allowance. Your family can use the remaining parental leave entitlement after payment of the child home care allowance has ended.

The caregiver can be

  • the child’s parent
  • married to or cohabiting with the parent or guardian of the child
  • a hired caregiver or other person who cares for the child.

You can also get child home care for other siblings under school age who do not attend municipal early childhood education. However, you cannot get the allowance after the family's youngest child has reached the age of 3.

Child home care allowance is not available for children who attend municipal early childhood education. This means, for example, that if you take a paid annual leave but do not withdraw your child from municipal early childhood education for the duration of the leave, you cannot get child home care allowance payments for that period.

Child home care allowance includes

  • care allowance, which is not affected by the family's income
  • care supplement, which is affected by the family's total income
  • a municipal supplement (not paid by all municipalities).


As a rule, child home care allowance is applied for by the child's parent or other guardian. In some cases the applicant may also be some other person who mostly looks after the child and lives in the same household. An adoptive parent can also apply for child home care allowance.

Other benefits may affect the amount of the child home care allowance. For instance, parents who have another child become eligible for parental allowance. See how other benefits affect the child home care allowance.

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