Financial aid for student

Form ID Description Link
Application - Financial aid for students - For students of universities or polytechnics/universities of applied sciences OT 2e This form is used to apply for financial aid for studies in an institute of higher education. Download PDF
Appendix to application for student financial aid filed by foreign resident OT 10e This form is intended to accompany financial aid applications filed by foreigners with no financial aid history in Finland Download PDF
Notification of changes - Financial aid for students OT 15e Change in circumstances, application for additional aid, cancellation of aid, returning financial aid already received, and other changes in recipient details Download PDF
Application - Financial aid for students - For those pursuing a degree abroad OT 3e Not including studies forming a part of a Finnish degree. Download PDF
Application - Financial aid for students - Vocational education, upper secondary school education, education at a folk high school or sports institute, basic education for adults OT 1e This form is used to apply for financial aid for studies in an institute of secondary education. Download PDF
Claim - Student loan compensation OT 30e The form is used when higher education graduates with outstanding student debt apply for student loan compensation. Download PDF
Notification - Cancellation, withdrawal or repayment of student financial aid OT 16e This notification form is for use by recipients of student financial aid wishing to cancel financial aid or return it voluntarily in order to increase their annual income limit or set aside a month of aid. Download PDF
Notification of partially completed study module OT 17e With the notification, a student can inform Kela about a partially completed study module that has not yet been registered in the study record. A notification may be needed for instance in connection with the monitoring of study progress. Download PDF
Reply to request for information on academic progress OT 28Le Notification on insufficient academic progress for higher education students. Download PDF
Notification - Degree completed in a foreign educational institution OT 29e The form is used by students to send a notification about degrees and qualifications taken abroad (for the purposes of pension accrual and for a student loan tax deduction or student loan compensation). Download PDF