Medicines and entitlement to special reimbursement of medicine expenses

Form ID Description Link
Application - Kela card SV 157e Form used to apply for a Kela card when moving to Finland or for a new Kela card to replace a lost or destroyed card. Download PDF
Claim - European Health Insurance Card SV 193e The form is used when applying for an European Health Insurance Card. Download PDF
Claim - Medical care expenses incurred abroad SV 128e This form is used to claim reimbursement for medical care expenses incurred abroad. Download PDF
Claim - Medicine expenses incurred in Finland SV 178e Claim for reimbursement for prescription drug expenses in Finland if reimbursement not obtained at the pharmacy, a new entitlement to reimbursement awarded or the maximum annual limit exceeded. If the expenses were incurred abroad, use form SV 128e. Download PDF
Claim - Reimbursement for travel expenses SV 4e The form is used to claim reimbursement for travel costs due to illness, pregnancy or childbirth, or rehabilitation services provided through Kela. Download PDF
Claim for reimbursement of travel expenses incurred in undergoing an examination required by Kela Y 221e Reimbursement of travel expenses for persons undergoing an examination required by the National Pensions Act or the Health Insurance Act. Download PDF