Reimbursements of medical expenses

Form ID Description Link
Application - Kela card SV 157e Form used to apply for a Kela card when moving to Finland or for a new Kela card to replace a lost or destroyed card. Download PDF
Claim - European Health Insurance Card SV 193e The form is used when applying for an European Health Insurance Card. Download PDF
Claim - Medical care expenses incurred abroad SV 128e This form is used to claim reimbursement for medical care expenses incurred abroad. Download PDF
Claim - Medical care expenses incurred in Finland SV 127e This form is for use in claiming reimbursement for medical expenses incurred in Finland because of an illness, pregnancy or childbirth. Download PDF
Accident report SV 143e An accident report is completed if compensation is claimed on the basis of an accident. Download PDF
Application - Authorisation to obtain treatment outside the country of residence SV 129e Form for application for prior authorisation to obtain treatment in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. For processing of the application, information is needed on the medical grounds for the illness, the medical treatment or the treatment procedure. Download PDF
Claim - Reimbursement for travel expenses SV 4e The form is used to claim reimbursement for travel costs due to illness, pregnancy or childbirth, or rehabilitation services provided through Kela. Download PDF
Application - Certificate of entitlement to medical treatment in Finland (seasonal worker) SV 139e With the form, seasonal workers apply for certificate of right to medical treatment in Finland when coming to work in Finland from other countries than the EU and EEA countries, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Download PDF