Child care subsidies

Form ID Description Link
Claim - Child home care allowance - Private day care allowance WH 1e This form is used to claim financial assistance with child care arrangements when day-care services are not obtained from the local government. Download PDF
Information form - Private day care allowance - Day care provider WH 2e This form is to be completed by private day care providers. Download PDF
Notification of changes - Child Care Allowance WH 12e This form is used to report changes that may affect the care supplement and to provide details on the family's income and deductions. Download PDF
Claim - Flexible care allowance/Partial care allowance WH 9e This form is used to claim flexible or partial care allowance when one or both parents reduce their working hours in order to look after a child who is under the age of 3 or in the first few years of school. Download PDF