Amount of the child home care allowance

The child home care allowance consists of a care allowance and a care supplement. Your home municipality (locality) may also pay a municipal supplement to your child care allowance.

Each year, Kela adjusts the child home care allowance with the index, which may change the amount of allowance. The customer need not do anything because of the index adjustment, but Kela will change the amount automatically.

Care allowance

The care allowance is not affected by the family's income. Care allowance is paid separately for every child eligible for the allowance. The care allowance amounts to

  • €342.95 per month for one child under 3 years of age
  • €102.67 per month for each additional child under 3 years of age
  • €65.97 per month for each child over 3 years of age but under school age

If the sibling of a child under 3 who is entitled to child home care allowance only attends pre-primary education, the care allowance for the sibling is paid at the full rate (EUR 65.97 per month). No care allowance is paid if the sibling, in addition to pre-primary education, also attends early childhood education arranged by the municipality.   

Care supplement

The care supplement depends on the size and gross income of the family. The maximum amount of care supplement is €183.53 per month. It is paid for one child only. You can use the calculator (in Finnish) to see the amount of benefit you are eligible for.

Care supplement is paid in full if the family's monthly income does not exceed the income limit determined by the family size. The incomes of the children for which child home care allowance or private day care allowance has been claimed are also taken into account in the family's incomes. If the income limit is exceeded, a deduction is made to the full amount of the care supplement according to the relevant percentage in accordance with the table below. Care supplement is not paid, if the family's income exceeds the maximum income limit determined by the family size. The care allowance and the municipal supplement are not considered as income when calculating the care supplement. However, the partial and the flexible care allowances are considered as income.

Care supplement
Family size (number of people)* Gross income, full care supplement is paid Reduction (%) Income limit (gross) to receive no care supplement
2 €1,160.00 per month 11.5% €2,755.87 per month
3 €1,430.00 per month 9.4% €3,382.40 per month
4 or more €1,700.00 per month 7.9% €4,023.11 per month

* Family size includes up to 4 people: 2 adults and up to 2 children under school age. A child for whom parental allowance is paid or a child who attends school is not included in the number of people in the family.

Municipal supplement

The amount of and eligibility criteria for the municipal supplement vary depending on the municipality. All municipalities do not pay a municipal supplement. Kela pays the municipal supplement in connection with the child home care allowance if Kela and the municipality have agreed on such a procedure. Contact your local authorities for further information about the municipal supplement. The current amount of the municipal supplement paid via Kela can be estimated using the following calculator (in Finnish).

Payment of the child home care allowance

Child home care allowance is paid to the parent or other legal guardian who mainly looks after the child. The caregiver can also be someone else, such as a grandparent. Also in that case the allowance is paid to the claimant, i.e. one of the parents or other legal guardians.

The allowance is paid monthly in arrears on the last business day of the month. The decision shows the first payment date of the allowance. The decision is mailed to your home address and can also be checked online. Kela sends the data on child care allowances paid out to the national incomes register within five days of the date of payment.

Child home care allowance is not paid for periods shorter than one month. The allowance period does not have to start from the beginning of the month. The one-month minimum requirement can also be met for example by adding up the periods for which child care allowances are paid to the mother or the father.

The one-month minimum requirement is also met when the child home care allowance continues after the period of paternity allowance so that the periods of child home care allowance last for at least one month in total.

Payment of the child home care allowance ends, for instance, in the following situations:

  • the family no longer has a child under 3 years of age
  • the child starts in municipal day care
  • the child starts school even though the family's youngest child is aged less than 3 years (in this case, the allowance ends on 31 July, at the latest)
  • the family moves abroad permanently

Adoptive parents can be paid child home care allowance also for children over 3 years of age. Allowance is paid until it has been two years since the start of the adoptive parent's period of parental allowance, but at the most until the child starts school. More information on the eligibility criteria is available under Family benefits for adoptive parents.