Maternity package


The maternity package contains baby clothes as well as care products and materials. It is updated yearly in response to feedback from clients. While the range of items remains largely the same, the colours and patterns change, and some completely new items are added as well. There are altogether 60 different items in the box.

The maternity package is not commercially available. It is available solely as a benefit offered under the Finnish social security system. The items it contains are sourced through a competitive bidding process complying with EU law.

The 2019 version of the maternity package

The pictures below show the items included in the 20189 edition of the maternity package.

The 2019 edition contains a total of 63 different items.

Deliveries of the new edition will begin when existing stocks of the 2018 edition run out. The exact date of the switchover to the new edition depends on the number of claims that come in.

Please keep in mind that you should put in a claim for the maternity package at least 2 months before your estimated due date.

Maternity package in the event of multiple birth or adoption

Multiple-birth families get additional maternity grants. If you give birth to two or more children at the same time, you will get the normal maternity grant multiplied by two for your second child, the normal maternity grant multiplied by three for your third child, etc. This means that for twins, you will receive three times the maternity grant, for triplets, six times the maternity grant, etc.

You can choose how you wish to take out each maternity grant: in cash or as a maternity package, in whatever combination you want. For example, if you give birth to twins, you can choose to have two maternity packages and one cash payment of €170.

Adoptive parents get a maternity package if the child they are adopting is under 18 years of age. The maternity grant is available as soon as the child has been identified for placement with the parents. Permission from the Adoption Board is needed in the case of international adoption.

Defective items

If you receive defective items, contact the maternity package distributor: Logistikas Hankinta Oy, aitiyspakkaus(at) or Tel. 040 842 1001. You will receive a new non-defective item in return. For other questions concerning the maternity package, call the customer service number for families with children.

Photos: Annika Söderblom © Kela. Please credit the source. Not for commercial use.