Overpayment Recovery Centre

Kela's Overpayment Recovery Centre performs the following customer service functions:

  • recovery of benefits
  • collection of child support debt
  • collection of student loan debt repaid under the government loan guarantee

The Overpayment Recovery Centre also handles applications for exemption from child support and student loan debt.

The Overpayment Recovery Centre should be your point of contact if you are responding to a letter that the Centre has sent to you, if you wish to discuss a repayment plan, or if you have questions about benefit recovery and debt collection.

Telephone assistance

Mon–Fri 9:00 to 16:00  020 634 4940

Mon–Fri 9:00 to 16:00 020 634 4942 (for partner organisations)

Online customer service

You can use Kela's online customer service system if you wish to send a message concerning benefit recovery or debt collection or have documents that you want to send to the Overpayment Recovery Centre. Once your message has been processed, the Centre will reply to you through the online customer service system.

Mail and fax

Mailing address: Kelan Perintäkeskus, Kela, PL 31, 00056 KELA
Fax 020 634 1599


Only customers living outside Finland and partner organisations of the Overpayment Recovery Centre have the option of contacting the Centre via email.

Additional information