Register as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Services

  1. Follow the instructions of the TE Services to register as unemployed jobseeker.
    • You cannot get unemployment benefits unless you register.
    • The TE services or your municipal authorities (if you are part of a municipal trial) will draw up an employment plan with you, which you must follow.

    • The TE Services or the municipality issue a statement to Kela on your right to unemployment benefits.

  2. Apply to your unemployment fund or Kela for unemployment benefits.
  3. Stay registered with the TE Services as an unemployed jobseeker, comply with the requirements of your employment plan and report your days of unemployment to Kela.

Labour market service model - effect on Kela benefits

Kela will continue to base its decisions on the labour policy statements issued by the TE Services or the municipal authorities. Keep your registration as a jobseeker valid, show sufficient job search activity and follow the employment plan, That way you will not lose your benefits. If you do lose your benefits, the mandatory waiting period you must complete will be shorter.

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Some jobseekers can receive help with finding employment from their home municipality

Some unemployed jobseekers are participating in a local government pilot on employment in 2021-2023. The local government pilots mean that the municipality will help the jobseeker look for work and training.

The local government pilots on employment concern jobseekers who live in a municipality that participates in a local government pilot and who

  • get labour market subsidy or basic unemployment allowance payments from Kela
  • are under 30 years of age
  • speak a first language other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami or are not a Finnish citizen.

Contact information for the pilot areas (

You will be informed if you are included in the local government pilot

You do not yourself have to try to find out whether you are included in the local government pilot project. If you become unemployed, always first register as an unemployed jobseeker in accordance with the instructions of the TE Services.

After registering, you will be notified whether your point of contact on unemployment-related matters is your municipality that participates in the pilot project or the TE Services. Renew your jobseeker status and follow the instructions of your municipality or the TE Services. That way, you can get an unemployment benefit without interruptions.

Statements on eligibility for unemployment benefits during the local government pilots

The TE Services will issue a statement to Kela on your right to unemployment benefits. Based on that statement, Kela will decide whether you qualify for unemployment benefits.

The municipalities that participate in the local government pilots will give a statement to Kela for instance if you participate in employment-promoting measures. The municipality also decides if you can get an unemployment benefit during self-motivated studies.

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