Rehabilitation allowance during other rehabilitation

Rehabilitation allowance payments may be available for the duration of rehabilitation which is not arranged by Kela.

Rehabilitation services available from occupational health providers

You can get a rehabilitation allowance if your occupational health provider finds that you need early rehabilitation and issues a rehabilitation decision to you. Another requirement is that your employer must contribute towards the costs of the rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation can take the form of, for instance

  • a course designed to improve your fitness
  • a work try-out at your own workplace
  • medical rehabilitation (for example in a rehabilitation centre)
  • a period of rehabilitation for substance abusers.

Rehabilitation services available from municipalities and joint municipal authorities

You can get a rehabilitation allowance during participation in rehabilitation arranged by your municipality or the joint municipal authority. The rehabilitation decision or voucher can be issued for example by a hospital, a health centre or the municipal social services office.

The rehabilitation can take the form of, for instance:

  • a period of medical rehabilitation (for example in a rehabilitation centre or hospital outpatient clinic)
  • a rehabilitation assessment or work try-out
  • an adaptation training course
  • family rehabilitation for persons with developmental disorders
  • family rehabilitation as an auxiliary measure to child welfare outpatient support services or as rehabilitation for substance abusers
  • individual rehabilitation for substance abusers.

Adaptation training financed with lottery proceeds

Rehabilitation allowance payments are available during participation in an adaptation training course financed with lottery proceeds. The course may be arranged for example by an association or organisation.

The reason for participating in adaptation training must be a diagnosed illness or impairment. Persons participating in preventive early rehabilitation are not eligible for a rehabilitation allowance.