How to apply for rehabilitative psychotherapy

  1. Fill in and print out the application Kuntoutuspsykoterapia / Neuropsykologinen kuntoutus (KU 131, PDF in Finnish).
  2. Enclose with your application a rehabilitation plan that includes an assessment by a psychiatrist or a child and adolescent psychiatrist of the diagnosis and need of rehabilitation, or a doctor’s statement B issued by a psychiatrist with corresponding contents. The statement must have been issued within the last 12 months.
  3. Mail your application along with the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA. You can also use the Message function on Kela's e-service to send the supporting documents. Log in using your online banking codes or a mobile ID.
  4. You will receive a written notice of decision on your application. You can also view the decision online on Kela's customer service website.

When to apply

File your application before the therapy is set to start. Please note that if the therapy has already started, Kela can only cover it from the beginning of the month of application. In exceptional cases, rehabilitation can be covered retrospectively for up to six months.

Follow-up therapy

If you wish to apply for support for follow-up therapy, the application must be accompanied by a doctor’s statement B. A summary statement by your therapist about the therapy is also needed.

You will need a statement from the psychiatrist if you have only had a few therapy sessions, if the sessions have been sporadic, if the therapy has been interrupted, or if the therapy has not proceeded as planned.

If the therapy has been carried out according to plan, a statement by some other doctor who has treated you will do as well.

Psychotherapy invoices

Usually you receive reimbursement for rehabilitative psychotherapy already in connection with the visit. If this is not the case, you can claim reimbursement from Kela afterwards. When you claim reimbursement, do as follows:

  1. Complete and print out the form Kuntoutuslasku (KU 204, PDF in Finnish).
  2. Enclose documentation on the rehabilitation expenses for which you claim reimbursement. The documentation can be, for instance, an invoice from the service provider/therapist, indicating the expenses, the dates for the visits and the number of visits.
  3. Mail your application along with the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA. You can also use the Message function in Kela's e-service to send the supporting documents. Documents photographed with a mobile phone are accepted if the pictures are clear and legible.
  4. In the e-service you can check whether your claim has been processed and when you will receive the reimbursement into your bank account.

You must claim reimbursement within 6 months from the date of paying the invoice.

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