School transport subsidy

The purpose of the school transport subsidy is to provide compensation for the cost of travelling to and from school. It is available to students in upper secondary level educational institutions, including upper secondary schools and institutes of vocational education.

Can you be granted school transport subsidy and to what amount?

With this calculator you can check whether you are eligible for school transport subsidy and estimate the amount of your school transport subsidy. The calculator is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Calculator (in Finnish)

You may be entitled to school transport subsidy if you travel to school on at least 10 days per calendar month. The terms of eligibility are somewhat different for students entitled to free education.

You can get school transport subsidy mainly for public transport or dedicated school transport. If neither of those options is available to you, you can get school transport subsidy for self-arranged transport, your own car, for instance.

You can get school transport subsidy if

  • you study and live in Finland
  • you study full-time
  • you have a long commute to school.

Your age, income or property do not affect eligibility. The income and property of your parents also do not affect the amount of the subsidy.

Who is entitled to free education?

You are entitled to free education if you meet both of the following requirements:

  • You have left comprehensive school in 2021 or later.
  • You were born in 2004 or later.

Please note that even if you meet the above criteria, not all educational programmes are free. Check with your school whether your education is free.