Amount and payment of school transport subsidy

The amount of the school transport subsidy depends on your travel distance to school and the means of transport you use, i.e. how you travel to school. The amount of the subsidy depends on whether you are entitled to free education. Starting from 1 August 2021, you can get school transport subsidy even if you do not make a daily trip to school. 

  • If you travel to school on 15 days or more per calendar month, you can get the full rate of the school transport subsidy.
  • If you travel on 10 to 14 days per calendar month, you are entitled to school transport subsidy, but it is half the full amount.
  • If you travel to school on less than 10 days per calendar month, you are not entitled to school transport subsidy.

The days on which you travel to your school or workplace during a calendar month are counted as your travel days. A travel day may also fall on a weekend or an official holiday, if you travel to school on such a day. Only the travel days are counted, not the number of single or return trips to or from school. You can travel to and from school any time during the calendar month.

Depending on your mode of transport, Kela will pay the subsidy either to the transport operator or to yourself. If paid to yourself, the subsidy is deposited in your account on the 1st day of each month or the immediately following banking day. If you are paid the subsidy retrospectively, it will as a rule be paid into your account two banking days after the decision was issued.

Who is entitled to free education?

You are entitled to free education if you meet both of the following requirements:

  • You have left comprehensive school in 2021 or later.
  • You were born in 2004 or later.

Please note that even if you meet the above criteria, not all educational programmes are free. Check with your school whether your education is free. 

Students entitled to free education

Other studies than those entitling to free education