Services for students who study abroad

If you complete part of your studies abroad, you can use the online customer service (in Finnish or Swedish) to handle your benefit processes, or contact us through Kela’s phone services.

If  all of your studies are at a foreign education institution, you can contact Kela about student financial aid by the following means:

Online customer service

Use Kela's online customer service system if you wish to send a message or documents concerning student financial aid. You will receive a reply through the online system.


If you live abroad and you do not have a Finnish banking ID or mobile ID, you can contact Kela about student financial aid through our service for encrypted email.

For security reasons, email can be sent only over a secure connection. To send email to the Centre for Student Financial Aid, use this link.

Enter your email address in the Sender (Lähettäjä) field. You will receive a message which contains a link you can use to send email to Kela over a secure connection. The link is active for 30 days. Send your message to:

Instructions for sending email over a secure connection.

Phone service

Phone number +358 20 634 2550
Monday–Friday 9-15

Mail and fax

Address for customers:
Kela, PO Box 10, FI- 00056 KELA

Fax +358 20 634 1599