Vocational rehabilitation for young persons

The purpose of the vocational rehabilitation services for young persons is to help you plan your own future and find your way in education and the working world.

You can apply if you are between 16 and 29 and need support in dealing with various everyday situations. You need not supply a doctor’s statement when you apply. 

This type of rehabilitation may be right for you for example

  • if you have not yet found a suitable education or job or
  • if you have interrupted your studies or are at risk of doing so
  • if you have interrupted conscript or alternative civilian service and need help to plan your future.

Vocational rehabilitation for young persons is always planned individually. The client is also personally involved in defining the goals that the rehabilitation is designed to reach.

When applying for vocational rehabilitation services for young persons, you need not specify the type of rehabilitation you wish to apply for. Kela will help you find a suitable rehabilitation option.

The following types of rehabilitation can be provided without a doctor’s statement:

NUOTTI coaching

In NUOTTI coaching you are assigned a personal coach who helps you plan your future. You will meet your coach regularly in your daily environment.

The coach will help you

  • recognise your strengths and skills
  • identify educational opportunities or jobs that might interest you
  • plan how to proceed towards your goals. 

The coach can also help you with practical issues that you might have concerns about, and can for example come along when you visit a Kela or TE Office or when you see a doctor.

Economic security during rehabilitation

You can be paid a rehabilitation allowance for the time you attend vocational rehabilitation. 

How to apply for vocational rehabilitation for young persons

  1. Call Kela’s rehabilitation customer service number at 020 634 2650.  If you have a contact in the outreach youth services or in the Guidance Centre, you can ask them to join you when you get in touch with Kela.
  2. A rehabilitation specialist will interview you at an agreed time and take your verbal application. You need not fill in an application form or supply additional documentation.
  3. Once your application has been reviewed, you will get a decision letter that tells you what you must do to start the rehabilitation.