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Maternity package 2022

Maternity package 2022

The maternity package contains baby clothes as well as care products and materials. It is updated yearly in response to feedback from clients. While the range of items remains largely the same from year to year, the colours and patterns change, and some completely new items are added as well. There are altogether some 43 different items in the box.

Please keep in mind that you should put in a claim for the maternity package at least 2 months before your estimated due date.

Read more about maternity package in the event of multiple birth or adoption.

The maternity package is not commercially available. It is available solely as a benefit offered under the Finnish social security system. The items it contains are sourced through a competitive bidding process complying with EU law.

If you receive defective items, contact the maternity package distributor: Suomen Kirjastopalvelu Oy, asiakaspalvelu(at) or by phone 09 584 0440. You will receive a new non-defective item in return. For other questions concerning the maternity package, call the customer service number for families with children.

Maternity package 2022

Box, mattress and blanket


Snowsuit - sleeping bag 

Dark blue snowsuit-sleeping bag.

Insulated booties and mittens


Sleeping bag and blanket




Bodysuits, nightdress and woolmix overalls



Socks and mittens

Duvet cover, sheet and towel

Personal care items

Personal care items.

Muslin squares, drooling bib and feeding bib

Cuddly toy and first book


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