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Rehabilitation allowance for young persons

The rehabilitation allowance for young persons is available during studies or other rehabilitation intervention whose purpose is to help the client move into work.

You can get rehabilitation allowance for young persons if

  • you are between 16 and 19 years of age
  • your capacity for work or study, or ability to choose an occupation or line of work, has decreased because of illness or impairment
  • you need particular assistance to study or to participate in some other form of rehabilitation aimed at supporting the integration into work (e.g., job training or job tryout)
  • a personal education and rehabilitation plan (KHOPS) has been drawn up in your service county for the duration of studies or other rehabilitation.

Education and rehabilitation plan and doctor’s statement

To receive rehabilitation allowance, you must have an individual training and rehabilitation plan drawn up in your service county. A service county employee (such as a social worker, counselor, or nurse) will create it together with you and your guardians. In addition, various experts may participate in the development of the plan based on your situation.

The plan must outline the prospects and goals for vocational rehabilitation. It must also include a plan for arranging and implementing your studies. The plan is clarified and specified further during the period for which you are paid a rehabilitation allowance. Kela monitors the progress of the plan.

You must also enclose with your application a doctor's statement B describing how your health impacts your work capacity and occupational choices.

Submit the education and rehabilitation plan and the doctor's statement B to Kela either online using the Messages function or by mail.

Amount and payment

Your rehabilitation allowance is always at least equal in amount to a specified minimum amount. Rehabilitation allowance is paid for working days. Working days are the days from Monday to Saturday. Mid-week holidays do not count as working days.

In the interim between the issuance of a rehabilitation decision and participation in rehabilitation, the rehabilitation allowance is usually paid at a rate reduced by 20%.

Following the completion of a waiting period, rehabilitation allowance for young people is paid up to the end of the month in which you reach the age of 20 years. If at that time you are in the middle of rehabilitation (for example education or training), you will be paid rehabilitation allowance until the end of the rehabilitation or education/training. The rehabilitation allowance for young persons is taxable income and is taxed in the same way as the regular rehabilitation allowance.

Kela sends the data on rehabilitation assistances paid out to the national incomes register within five days of the date of payment.

How to apply for rehabilitation for young persons

The application process for the rehabilitation allowance for young persons is the same as that for the regular rehabilitation allowance. If your rehabilitation takes the form of education or training, Kela will also check your right to vocational rehabilitation.

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Last modified 22/4/2021