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Waiting period for rehabilitation allowance

Rehabilitation allowance is available after completing a specified waiting period.  The length of the waiting period depends on the type of rehabilitation measure.

0 days

  • You receive sickness allowance or unemployment allowance payments immediately before the rehabilitation begins.
  • You have received basic social assistance or you family has received basic social assistance in the month when the rehabilitation allowance is granted or in the month before that.
  • You participate in your child’s rehabilitation.

1 day

  • KIILA rehabilitation
  • work try-out
  • vocational rehabilitation supporting the integration into work
  • vocational rehabilitation assessment
  • Taito courses
  • individual rehabilitation lasting up to 20 working days
  • a adaption training course or family rehabilitation lasting up to 12 working days

10 daysnong

  • Kela has issued a decision about the provision of vocational rehabilitation in the form of education or training
  • rehabilitation allowance for young persons
  •  individual rehabilitation lasting more than 20 working days
  • a rehabilitation course or family rehabilitation lasting more than 12 working days

30 days

  • you are being paid a full pension when the rehabilitation begins.

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