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Some rehabilitation courses include both traditional face-to-face rehabilitation and a telerehabilitation component.  Telerehabilitation can be integrated into the clients’ daily lives, encouraging them commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Telerehabilitation is provided in the form of real-time videoconferencing and as on-demand online rehabilitation.

Participants do not need special equipment or devices. A regular computer, tablet or smartphone is enough. Compatible devices are available on loan from rehabilitation service providers, which can also assist clients in using them.

Telerehabilitation can consist of

  • video calls where the client and the rehabilitation specialist can meet face to face
  • online exercises at a time convenient to the client
  • days of telerehabilitation that include videoconferencing and online rehabilitation.

Telerehabilitation is currently used with the following adaptation and rehabilitation courses:

Adaptation and rehabilitation courses with a telerehabilitation component are organised partly on the service provider’s premises and partly as telerehabilitation. The rehabilitation arranged on the service provider’s premises lasts 3–5 days depending on the course. Clients can stay there overnight or travel from home each day. The telerehabilitation part of the course is typically implemented over a period of 2–3 months.

Service providers are responsible for privacy and data protection and for information security.  Further information on data protection in telerehabilitation is available from service providers.