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How to apply for rehabilitation

In order to apply for rehabilitation, you need a statement from a doctor describing that you need rehabilitation because of an illness or impairment.

  1. First see a doctor at a health centre, the student health service, your occupational health provider or some other health delivery organisation. The doctor will evaluate what kind of rehabilitation you need. You can discuss the goals of the rehabilitation with your doctor. The doctor will give you a medical certificate B, which will indicate the type of rehabilitation recommended for you and the goals that it should achieve.
  2. Once the medical certificate or rehabilitation plan has been written up, you can apply to Kela for rehabilitation. 
  3. If you need help filling in the application form, call the rehabilitation customer service number at 020 692 205.
  4. Send your application online in OmaKela or mail the application along with all necessary supporting documents to Kela.
  5. As soon as Kela has reviewed your application, you will receive a decision letter. The decision will also be communicated to the rehabilitation provider, who will reserve a place for you in the rehabilitation and accept it as a voucher covering the cost of the rehabilitation.
  6. The rehabilitation provider will advise you on the practical arrangements.

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Last modified 22/4/2021