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Quick guide to rehabilitation

Kela provides access to various types of rehabilitation for persons of all ages, and supports the economic security of rehabilitation clients during rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a way to help persons with an illness or impairment to live a full life, continue working, or return to work.

Before rehabilitation

Has your ability to function in work and daily life declined?

Rehabilitation may help if you have an illness or impairment that weakens your ability to function in work and daily life.

Variety of rehabilitation services available through Kela

Kela provides access to rehabilitation for example in the form of adaptation training, psychotherapy and vocational rehabilitation which helps you move into work or study. Besides Kela, rehabilitation services are available through such organisations as authorised pension providers, municipalities, insurance companies and disability advocacy organisations.

First see a doctor

If you wish to find out if rehabilitation could be an option for you, first see a doctor. If the doctor thinks that you could benefit from rehabilitation, he or she will write a doctor’s statement recommending it for you. The doctor may suggest a rehabilitation option which is not available through Kela but some other organisation.

Learn more about rehabilitation options

If a doctor recommends you to participate in Kela rehabilitation, get to know the rehabilitation options offered by Kela. They include rehabilitation courses, education and training, psychotherapy, and other types of therapy.

If you are unsure what kind of rehabilitation you should apply for, call rehabilitation customer service or contact a Kela's customer service point.

Contact Kela to apply for rehabilitation

When you have received a statement from your doctor, you can apply to Kela for rehabilitation.

Kela will send you a written decision

Kela decides whether to grant you access to rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation allowance offers economic security

During rehabilitation, you can get a rehabilitation allowance or partial rehabilitation allowance. They are a form of financial assistance available to you during participation in rehabilitation.

Apply for rehabilitation allowance or partial rehabilitation allowance

Apply online for rehabilitation allowance or partial rehabilitation allowance. File your application within four months of the date from which you wish to receive it.

During rehabilitation

Participate in rehabilitation

Contact your rehabilitation service provider with any questions about the practical arrangements. You can also call Kela’s customer service number for rehabilitation related matters.

After rehabilitation

Send a certificate of participation to Kela

Send Kela a certificate of participation in rehabilitation so that Kela can pay you rehabilitation allowance. You can send the certificate over the internet. You get the certificate from your rehabilitation service provider.

Compensations for travel expenses

You can get a compensation for costs of travel to and from the rehabilitation site.

Claim compensation for travel expenses

Claim compensation for travel expenses online within six months of the original expense.

Ongoing rehabilitation

After the rehabilitation, you will continue to maintain your functional ability independently. If you want, you can talk to your doctor about this.

There is no need to cope with your illness or impairment all by yourself.

Last modified 27/9/2023