Business units

Kela’s organisation consists of four business units as follows:

  • Customer Relations
  • Benefit Services
  • ICT and Operational Development Services
  • Shared Services

and three operational units:

  • Management Support Unit
  • Communications Unit

The Benefit Services business unit is not only responsible for determining benefit claims but also involved in legislative planning and reform efforts in the area of benefit provision.

The business unit also includes the Centre for International Affairs, Kela's customer service point in the Åland Islands, the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled, the Centre for Disability Pensions and the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare.

The Customer Relations business unit is responsible for providing customer service across all service channels and for providing advice and guidance to customers.

The business unit includes six regional customer service units.

  • Southern customer service unit
  • Customer service unit for the Greater Helsinki Area
  • Eastern customer service unit
  • Central customer service unit
  • Western customer service unit
  • Northern customer service unit

Phone service to Kela’s customers is provided by the Customer Contact Centre, which operates in Joensuu, Lieksa, Jyväskylä, Kemijärvi and Jakobstad (Pietarsaari).

The Operational Development business unit is responsible for the development related to benefit determination, information systems and related services.

ICT Services is responsible for the production of ICT services for customers, partner organisations and staff. Kanta Services are included in the ICT Services business unit.

The Shared Services business unit is responsible for instance for matters related to HR, procurement, translation, finances, research, statistics and communications. The Overpayment Recovery Centre, responsible for recovery and collection, is part of this business unit.

The Advisory Staff Unit assists Kela’s management. The unit is for instance responsible for management services to promote the implementation of Kela’s strategy.

The Internal Audit is an operational unit which reports directly to the Director General.

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