Conscript's allowance: Basic assistance

The basic assistance helps with daily expenses which the recipient's other income does not cover, such as:

  • food
  • personal hygiene and household cleaning
  • clothing
  • minor medical expenses, such as health care centre fees and over-the-counter medication
  • phone, internet and newspaper subscription
  • insurance premiums
  • reasonable commuting costs of up to €750 per year
  • costs of recreational activities and hobbies.

Who can get basic assistance

Basic assistance can be paid to the spouse/partner and children of a person in active service. It cannot be paid to the person in service him- or herself.

You qualify as a family member if you are

  • a married spouse or registered partner
  • a cohabiting partner who has a child with the person in active service
  • a child who is in the custody of the person in active service.

Cohabiting partners are not considered family members if they do not have a child with the person performing their service.

Married spouses or registered partners cannot get basic assistance if they are separated from their spouse or partner.

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