How to apply for intensive medical rehabilitation

  1. See a doctor in the public healthcare system. Once you have a rehabilitation plan showing your need for rehabilitation, you can apply for rehabilitation from Kela.
  2. Fill in the form titled Vaativa lääkinnällinen kuntoutus (KU 104, PDF in Finnish)
  3. Enclose with the application a rehabilitation plan drawn up by your doctor, in which your doctor recommends that you should be given access to rehabilitation. Instead of a rehabilitation plan, you can enclose a doctor’s statement B that sets out a rehabilitation plan for you.
  4. Send your application online:
    • Save the application and attachments on your device.
    • If the application or attachments are on paper you can photograph or scan them.
    • Log in to the e-service. It is only available in Finnish and Swedish. Go to Messages (Viestit).
    • Choose the files from your device and press Send (Lähetä).
    • When you send your application online you don’t need to sign it.

      Another option is to send the application by mail:

    • Sign the application and send it with the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.
  5. Kela may invite you to an interview.
  6. A written decision on your application will be sent to you by post. You can also view the decision on our e-service.The decision will also be sent to the rehabilitation provider, who will reserve a place for you in the rehabilitation and accept it as a voucher covering the cost of the rehabilitation.

When to apply

The earliest that Kela can grant access to rehabilitation and provide compensation for its costs is the beginning of the month of application. In exceptional cases, compensation for rehabilitation costs can be paid retroactively for six months.

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