Rehabilitation assistance

The purpose of rehabilitation assistance is to help rehabilitation clients find work after a rehabilitation intervention arranged by Kela. The need for rehabilitation assistance is evaluated individually. You can get rehabilitation assistance if, after completing rehabilitation, you start a job where you earn significantly less than what you used to, or if you start a job training programme.

You cannot get rehabilitation assistance if you have a right to unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy.

Amount and payment

Rehabilitation assistance is paid after a completed rehabilitation intervention and for periods of time in which you are working.

Apply for rehabilitation assistance online

You can easily send the application and supporting documentation through Kela's e-service system. Documents photographed with a mobile phone are accepted if the pictures are clear and legible.

Apply for benefits

The amount of the rehabilitation assistance is assessed individually. However, it is at least equal in amount to the rehabilitation allowance. Rehabilitation assistance is taxable income.

Kela sends the data on rehabilitation assistances paid out to the national incomes register within five days of the date of payment.

How to apply for rehabilitation assistance

  1. Apply for rehabilitation assistance online. Log in to Kela's e-service (in Finnish and Swedish only) using your online bank ID or a mobile ID.
  2. Scan or take a photo of any supporting documents and send them over the internet. Include evidence that you are working and are not entitled to an unemployment allowance. The evidence can be in the form of
    • a salary certificate from your employer (if the purpose of the rehabilitation assistance is to supplement a reduced salary)
    • other statement in support of your application (for example details about the steps you are taking to start a business).
  3. You can use Kela's online service to see whether your application has been decided and the amount you will receive. You can also see any possible reminders concerning, for instance, documents missing from your application.

Alternatively you can complete and print out a paper application form (KU113) and mail it to Kela along with the supporting documents.

When to apply

Apply for rehabilitation assistance within four months of the date on which you last received rehabilitation allowance.

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