Visit Kela

Avoid visiting customer service points

Avoid visiting customer service points if you have a cold, are in quarantine, have travelled abroad or might have been infected. Take care of Kela matters online or by phone. You can also book a phone appointment.

Some service points temporarily closed

Due to the corona situation some customer service points have been closed temporarily, including customer service points in the Greater Helsinki area and Kerava. The personnel at these service points is answering phone calls and taking care of phone appointments. Check opening hours in the search function below.

You can find the addresses and opening hours of Kela's customer service points and Citizen Service Centers in the Customer Service Locator.

Personal advice at Kela's customer service points


You can visit any Kela's customer service point. They offer personal assistance and guidance about how to apply for benefits from Kela. You can also apply for benefits or use a customer computer.

The customer service points do not have telephone numbers. Check the numbers and opening hours of phone services in English and other languages.

Citizen Service Centres offer general advice

Citizen Service Centres are customer service points operated jointly by Kela and other public-sector organizations. You can pick up claim forms or brochures, file claims for benefit, and receive general assistance on benefits and the use of Kela's online service.

Remember to bring identification 

When visiting a customer service point or other location, please bring identification with you, such as a driving licence or passport. If you are representing someone else, you will need to show both ID and a limited power of attorney from the person you are representing.

If you also bring e-identification such as bank codes or mobile-id, you can use customer computers to take care of Kela-matters free of charge.