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How to apply for the right to interpreter service

Apply for the right to interpreter service for the disabled if you have a hearing impairment, vision and hearing impairment or speech impairment and you need interpreter service due to your disability.

You must also have a communication method that you can use and you must have a place of domicile in Finland.

  1. Complete a customer information form to enclose with the application:
  2. Enclose a statement from a social and healthcare professional or other professional (e.g. speech therapist) indicating
    • what type of disability or illness you have that causes a need for interpreter service
    • the situations in which you need interpretation
    • which communication methods you use
    • an assessment from the writer of the statement of the usefulness of interpreter service for you.
  3. Send your application online:
    • Save the completed claim form on your device. Note that the claim must be in PDF format
    • Log in to the e-service. It is only available in Finnish and Swedish. Go to Tee hakemus (Make an application).
    • Select Vammaisten tulkkauspalvelu and choose the benefit you are applying for.
    • Select the claim on your device and press Lähetä.
    • When you send your claim online you don’t need to sign it.
    • If you have supporting documents, send them via OmaKela after you have submitted your claim. If they are paper documents, you can photograph or scan them.

      Another option is to send the application by mail:

    • Sign the application and send it with the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.

Usually you only need to apply once for the right to use the interpreter service. If you need additional hours of interpreter service, a remote interpretation device, or an interpreter for travel abroad, these should be applied for separately.

Report changes

You must report all changes that could be relevant to your right to use the interpreter service.

Your right to use the interpreter service ends if

  • you move abroad on a permanent basis
  • you receive interpretation on the basis of other legislation
  • your health status changes so that you no longer need interpretation.

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Last modified 11/1/2024

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