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If a child gets ill

If your child gets ill, you can either take him/her to the municipal (local) health centre or to a private doctor. Kela reimburses part of the costs for visits to a private doctor or private dentist. Kela does not reimburse treatments given at municipal health centres. Read more about reimbursements for medical expenses.

Kela also pays part of the cost of medicines prescribed by a doctor. Read more about reimbursements for medicine expenses.

It is possible to receive compensation for travel and overnight accommodation costs to help with a child's and an accompanying person's travel costs if the child needs to travel in order to receive treatment. Read more about reimbursements of travel costs.

Temporary care leave of 4 working days

When a child under 10 years of age suddenly gets ill, you can take temporary care leave to stay home and take care of the child. Temporary care leave may last a maximum of 4 working days. The entitlement to temporary care leave is based on the Employment Contracts Act. Kela does not pay benefits during temporary care leave.

Special care allowance when staying with your child in hospital

Kela can pay special care allowance during the hospital treatment of a child under the age of 16 and the subsequent care at home. In order for a parent to be granted special care allowance, a medical statement D must be issued by the attending physician regarding the seriousness of the illness and the necessity for the parent to participate in the care and treatment of the child. The special care allowance is intended to compensate for loss of income if you have to stay home from work without pay because your child is undergoing medical treatment.

Disability allowance for children

Disabled or chronically ill persons can be granted disability allowance for persons under 16 years of age by Kela.  Read more about disability benefits

Kela can also pay for rehabilitation for your child. Read more about rehabilitation

Informal care allowance from your home municipality

Informal care allowance is paid by the municipal social services, not by Kela. Your municipality can grant informal care allowance to a family member who cares for a severely disabled or chronically ill child at home. More information is available from your home municipality.

Last modified 22/4/2021