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Occupational health services

The purpose of occupational health care is to prevent work-related illnesses and accidents. It is also intended to promote employees' work capacity and functioning and to help the workplace to function more effectively.


Employees are entitled to preventive occupational health care financed and arranged by the employer. The provision of medical care is voluntary for employers.

Contact your employer to find out what kind of occupational health care is available to you. Through the co-determination procedure, employees can have a say in the occupational health care available at their workplace.

Self-employed persons

If you are self-employed, you can choose to arrange

  • preventive occupational health care coverage for yourself. You can arrange to get it from your wellbeing services county, a private medical clinic, or a self-employed health care professional. 
  • medical care coverage at the general practitioner level as part of occupational health care, provided you acquire it from the same service provider with whom you have an arrangement for preventive occupational health care.

Kela provides reimbursement for the necessary and reasonable costs of occupational health care.


Employers have an obligation to arrange preventive occupational health care coverage for their employees. Additionally, they can choose to provide employees with access to medical care at the general practitioner level. Kela reimburses employers for a share of the costs for occupational health care in each accounting period.

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Last modified 11/3/2024