Additional hours of interpreter service

Customers are entitled to the following amounts of interpreter service per year:

  • 180 hours for persons with hearing impairment or speech impairment
  • 360 hours for persons with vision and hearing impairment.

You will be informed about the remaining number of hours always when an interpreter is allocated to you.

When you have nearly used the full number of hours and you have a justified need for additional hours, you should apply for additional hours.

How to apply for additional hours of interpreter service

  1. Complete and print out the form Vammaisen henkilön tulkkauspalvelu, pdf in Finnish (TU 1).
  2. Describe in the application for what type of situations you need more hours of interpreter service and how many hours you need for the rest of the year.
  3. Send the application along with all necessary supporting documents by post to Kela. You can also use the message function in Kela's online customer service system to send the supporting documents.

Apply for the additional hours for the rest of the year in time. Apply for the additional hours at the latest when you have about 50 hours of interpreter service left.

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