How to apply for vocational rehabilitation

It is not yet possible to apply online for vocational rehabilitation, which can take the form of vocational rehabilitation assessments, education and training, vocational rehabilitation supporting the integration into work, KIILA rehabilitation. vocational rehabilitation courses, training try-outs, start-up grants for self-employment, and assistive devices. The application must be submitted on a paper application form.

  1. First see your doctor, who will assess your need for rehabilitation, if necessary recommend rehabilitation, and write a doctor's statement B.
  2. Fill in and print out an application for vocational rehabilitation  (KU 101). Among the alternatives listed on the form, select the type of rehabilitation for which you are applying.
    • If your application concerns assistive devices, fill in and print out a KU103 form.
  3. Enclose with your application a doctor's statement B if your doctor has not already submitted it to Kela. If you are applying for
    • KIILA rehabilitation, also enclose an occupational information form completed with your supervisor (KU 200).
    • education or training, also enclose copies of school diplomas and job references
    • a start-up grant for self-employment, also submit the appendix form (KU 105) and a detailed account of the types of tools you use and of the profitability of your self-employment.
  4. Mail the application along with all necessary supporting documents to Kela. You can also use the Message function on Kela's online customer service to send the supporting documents. Log in using your online banking codes or a mobile ID.
  5. You also have the option of booking an appointment for a personal interview. Kela may also invite you to an interview.
  6.  When you want to see if your application has been decided, visit the online customer service. You will receive a written decision on your application. The decision will also be communicated to the rehabilitation provider, who will reserve a place for you in the rehabilitation and accept it as a voucher covering the cost of the rehabilitation. Finally, it is also notified to the doctor who recommended the rehabilitation.

When to apply

File your application with Kela before the start of the rehabilitation. Please note that if the rehabilitation measure has already started, Kela can only cover it from the beginning of the month of application. In exceptional cases, it is possible to move the application deadline backwards by six months.

Further information