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Means of transport

You will get a reimbursement according to the lowest-cost available means of transport. Train or bus is usually the lowest-cost option, as long as your health permits you to use them and public transport is available for your connection.

Depending on your health and the available transport options, you may also be eligible for reimbursement for trips made with your own car or a taxi. 
You must pay a copayment for all trips yourself. Learn more about copayments

Public transport

If you use public transport to get to a health centre, public hospital or rehabilitation arranged through Kela, you do not need to submit a separate certificate from the health care provider to accompany your claim for reimbursement. If you travel to a private healthcare provider, a healthcare certificate on the SV 67 form is always required.

Kela will pay a reimbursement based on the price of a single ticket. If you used a multi-journey ticket, divide its price by the number of trips you have made to a healthcare provider. 

You can use a route planner ( to plan your trip. It will show you the distance, the travel time and the availability of public transport.  

Private car

If you use a private car, the rate of reimbursement is €0.33 per kilometre. 

If several family members travel in the same vehicle, the reimbursement must be claimed for one of the family members only.  

If the one-way trip is less than 200 kilometres, you do not have to present proof of the necessity of using a private car.

If you use your own car for health reasons, and the one-way trip is more than 200 kilometres, you will need a certificate from the healthcare provider stating that you have a right to the use of your own car (form SV 67).

If difficult travel arrangements are the reason for your use of your own car and the trip you make is longer than 200 kilometres, state this in your claim for reimbursement.

Private healthcare

If you travel to a private healthcare provider and the If you visit a private-sector healthcare provider and the treatment you receive is reimbursable by Kela, you can claim reimbursement for your travel costs. Ask the healthcare provider to give you a certificate on form SV 67 (Todistus matkakorvausta varten).  Read more about Kela reimbursements


You can get a reimbursement for using a taxi if that is your only alternative taking into account your health or difficult travel arrangements. If you use a taxi for health reasons, you will have to present a certificate from the healthcare provider on form SV 67. 

Kela pays the reimbursement only if you call the regional dispatch number to book the taxi. Each region have two service providers from which customers can book taxi rides reimbursed by Kela. You can choose from which one to book your taxi.  Look up Kela taxi dispatch numbers

If you use a taxi because of difficult travel arrangements, provide reasons for using a taxi when calling to book it. On the way home, you can make a stop at a health centre to pick up assistive devices or at a pharmacy to purchase prescription medicines.

The driver will deduct the reimbursement from your fare, and you only have to pay the copayment (up to 25 euros). Any costs of using a taxi are applied towards your annual out-of-pocket maximum as soon as Kela has processed them, so you do not have to claim reimbursement for them separately.

More information on using a taxi

Trip chain

'Trip chain' refers to situations where a person uses at least two different means of transport. For example, part of the trip may be made by bus and the rest by a taxi booked from the regional dispatch number. The travel costs are added up and a copayment of 25 euros (i.e., the part paid by the person him/herself) is deducted from them.

Other means of transport

Kela also provides reimbursement for the cost of transportation by ambulance or ambulance aircraft. In these cases, the reimbursement is available only if the healthcare provider confirms that using such means of transport is necessary (form SV 67). Kela can also provide reimbursement for transport in the Finnish archipelago, where suitable transport options may be lacking.

Last modified 27/2/2024