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How to claim reimbursement of travel costs and accommodation allowance

If you call the regional dispatch number to book a taxi, you can get a reimbursement from the driver. You cannot claim reimbursement from Kela for the use of a taxi after the trip. If you take public transport or use your own car, claim reimbursement from Kela afterwards. When claiming reimbursement for the travel costs of an accompanying person or family member, refer to the patient’s personal information and travel details in the claim.

Claim reimbursement for travel costs online

Send the application and supporting documents online. Log in to the e-service using your online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

Claim reimbursement
  1. Claim reimbursement for travel costs online. You can apply reimbursement for travel costs related to your own healthcare at OmaKela. Please note that the e-service is available in Finnish and Swedish only.
  2. Scan or take a photo of any supporting documents and send them online.
    • If you claim reimbursement for a trip to a private healthcare provider or for a 200+ km trip to a public healthcare provider for which you used your own car, enclose with the claim the SV 67 form you get from the healthcare provider.

    • If you claim accommodation allowance enclose possibly SV67 form with your claim. Keep the proof of payment for six months. Kela will ask you to send it if necessary.

  3. Visit our e-service to see if your application has been decided, how much you will get and when you will be paid.

Alternatively you can complete and print out the claim form (SV 4e, PDF). Mail your application along with the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.

You need not provide the original supporting documents, a copy will do. Keep all proof of payment and certificates having to do with your travel costs until you have received a decision on your reimbursement claim. You may be asked to submit them afterwards to help come to a decision on your claim.

When to claim

Claim reimbursement within 6 months of the trip or overnight stay.

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Last modified 19/2/2024

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