Reimbursement amount and copayment

You must pay a copayment of up to 25 euros for each one-way trip. Any costs above the copayment are reimbursed by Kela. If the trip costs less than the copayment, you will have to pay for the trip yourself. These costs, too, count towards the annual limit on your out-of-pocket costs (EUR 300).

If you use your own car, you are reimbursed EUR 0.20 per kilometre for expenses exceeding the copayment. This means that you are reimbursed only for the part of each one-way trip that exceeds 125 kilometres.

Annual maximum limit on out-of-pocket costs

If your out-of-pocket travel costs in a calendar year exceed 300 euros, you need not pay anything for the trips you take during the remaining year. Copayments for individual trips and any payments below the copayment count towards the annual maximum. If you make a trip by car or by public transport, remember to claim reimbursement also for any expenses that are less than the copayment. Reimbursement must be claimed within six months of the trip.

Special card for clients who have reached their annual out-of-pocket maximum, for use with taxi and ambulance services

Kela keeps track of your progress towards reaching the annual out-of-pocket maximum. Once you reach it, you will be mailed a card (SV 191) which states that you have reached the maximum. The card is mailed to everyone who reaches the out-of-pocket maximum. You will get the card even if you had not made any trips by taxi or ambulance.  If you have a right to a Kela-reimbursed taxi or must use an ambulance, you do not have to pay anything as long as you show the card to the driver. However, you do still need a certificate showing that you have the right to use a taxi (form SV 67).

You can access Kela’s e-service to print out a temporary certificate proving that you have reached the out-of-pocket maximum as soon as it has been confirmed and you have been notified of it by mail. Another alternative is to pull up the certificate on the screen and take a picture of it. By presenting the certificate or a picture of it to the taxi driver you can prove that you have reached the out-of-pocket maximum. Once the card arrives in the post, be sure to take it with you when you travel for healthcare.

If you are charged a copayment even though you have reached the out-of-pocket maximum, Kela will return to you any copayments charged unnecessarily.