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Improved guidance at for customers in changing life situations 

Published 5/2/2024

A new and improved version of the website will be launched. The updated section about unemployment and the new front pages for all the main sections of the site are the first to be launched. Customers have been involved in the development of the website.

The website is Kela’s main service channel: the site has about 60 million visitors per year. The aim of the redesign is to create a website with even better customer focus than before. In future, the website will more clearly provide information for different life situations and better guide the customer from content to content.

More than 50% of the customers access the website on a mobile device.  We have taken account of this in the redesign of the contents.

Guidance at different stages of unemployment

The first section of the website to be redesigned is the section on unemployment. More than a million people visit the pages on unemployment annually. The section provides advice at different stages of unemployment. The pages also provide advice on how to contact Kela and other authorities at the appropriate time. The customer is offered the service channel that best suits the customer’s situation.

The contents of the other sections under the heading Our Services will be redesigned in 2024 and 2025.  

Customers involved in the redesign

Kela’s services are developed in cooperation with the customers. Also when redesigning the website, customer insight based on Kela’s datasets and the expertise of Kela staff who work in client service are used. In addition, the functioning of the contents and the look of the website have been tested together with customers. 

- Customers also give plenty of feedback through the customer survey and the feedback tool on the website. Based on the feedback, the contents have been developed especially keeping in mind that the structure should be simple and the language used easy to understand, says Maija Luotonen, editor in chief of the website. 

Design emphasises human approach 

The design of the website has also been reformed with a human approach and a fresh touch. We have also improved the scannability of the contents. The texts are clear and as unambiguous as possible.

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Last modified 5/2/2024