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Occupational health care of entrepreneurs and self-employed persons: Rates of reimbursement

Occupational health care costs are divided into two reimbursement categories.

  • Reimbursement category I includes the costs of preventive occupational health care.
  • Reimbursement category II includes the costs of general practitioner level medical care and other health care.

The rate of reimbursement is 60 % for preventive occupational health care and 50 % for medical care, in both cases calculated on the basis of necessary and reasonable costs and with the requirement that the basic criteria for reimbursement are met and that the services are provided in accordance with good occupational health practice. Kela does not pay reimbursement for any exceeding costs.

Kela confirms annually a maximum reimbursement rate for each category, which is entrepreneur-specific and follows the general level of prices. The maximum rates for 2024 were confirmed at the end of 2023. 

Maximum rates of reimbursement in 2024
Costs (EUR per year)Reimbursement (EUR per year)Reimbursement (EUR per year)
Preventive occupational health care (reimbursement category I)50 %60 %
  • Workplace survey (higher)
  • Other preventive occupational health care (lower)
Medical care (reimbursement category II)348,50174,25-


Maximum rates of reimbursement in 2023
Costs (EUR per year)Reimbursement (EUR per year)Reimbursement (EUR per year)
Preventive occupational health care (reimbursement category I)50 %60 %
  • Workplace survey (higher)
  • Other preventive occupational health care (lower)
Medical care (reimbursement category II)336,40168,20-


There are two independent maximum amounts which are applied to occupational health care (reimbursement category I) and are specific to individual entrepreneurs:

  • higher amount, which applies to workplace surveys carried out by occupational health care professionals and experts
  • lower amount, which applies to other preventive occupational health care (e.g., medical examinations and associated tests, costs of first-aid readiness, and travel costs).

The costs of medical care (reimbursement category II) are reimbursed under the occupational health care reimbursement system only for entrepreneurs and other self-employed persons who have an agreement on occupational health care with a service provider that covers not only preventive occupational health care but also medical care services.

Rates of reimbursement of workplace survey costs for farmers

Workplace survey costs for farmers include the costs associated with farm visits, the drawing up and revising of an operational plan, and the off-site interview of the farmer conducted by an occupational healthcare professional.

Farmers can be reimbursed for 60 % of the costs of workplace surveys under the Health Insurance Act, while the remaining 40 % of the reimbursement comes out of other government funds. In other words, farmers incur no costs for workplace surveys unless they exceed an entrepreneur-specific annual limit.

Visit the OmaKela e-service to review your reimbursement history

Visit the OmaKela e-service to see the amount of occupational health costs you have accumulated during the year and how much you have been reimbursed by Kela. The system also tells you the amount of reimbursement funds left for the rest of the year. Please note that our e-service is only available in Finnish and Swedish. Log in to the e-service using your online bank credentials or a mobile ID.

Last modified 21/2/2024