When the child reaches the age of 16 years

When the child reaches the age of 16 years, the disability allowance for persons under 16 years will end. In such cases, the child may be entitled to disability allowance for persons aged 16 years or over and possibly to rehabilitation allowance for young persons. Applications for these follow-up allowances and any supporting documentation should be filed with Kela well before the child’s 16th birthday.

Persons aged under 20 years can usually not be awarded a disability pension until the person’s rehabilitation prospects have been investigated. If the young person cannot participate in vocational rehabilitation and he or she is awarded a disability pension, the person may in addition be entitled to care allowance for pensioners.

If you find it difficult to get information about Kela’s benefits, one solution is to book an appointment for a phone consultation or for a visit to Kela’s customer service point. When you have booked an appointment for a phone consultation, Kela calls you and your case can be processed in the same manner as when visiting Kela’s customer service point.

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